There are many things that a professional in the Engineering or Information Technology fields can do to limit their career opportunities. During our next several blog posts, The Doepker Group is going to explore some of those things.

The first one is the unwillingness to relocate.

And we’re certainly not downplaying the seriousness of relocating. After all, two of the most stressful events in a person’s life are getting a new job and moving. So when you relocate for a new position, you’re combining two of the most stressful events in your life into a single event. It’s a potential powder keg of a situation, rife with both personal and professional ramifications.

And of course, for many people, they are not the only consideration. If a person is married and/or they have children, then that increases the degree of difficulty. As a result, the powder keg is even more likely to blow.

Finally, there’s the possibility that you just don’t like the idea of moving or relocating. Perhaps you have family and friends in the area. Maybe you’re a “homebody” and the idea of travel, even for a new job, does not appeal that much to you. Some people like relocating more than others. That makes sense. Everybody has different preferences and priorities.

Yes, moving can be an unpleasant experience, even if you’re single or alone. However, that must be weighed against how accepting a new opportunity could catapult your career in an exciting new direction.

When you only consider employment opportunities “in your own backyard,” then you’re limiting yourself. There simply won’t be as many good opportunities than if you considered opportunities all over the world, or at the very least, all over the United States. When you do that, you increase the chances that you’ll encounter a very attractive employment opportunity that could change your life.

And that’s the bottom line: when you’re willing to relocate, you position yourself to take advantage of more opportunities and you position yourself to take advantage of more of the really great opportunities. On the other hand, when you’re NOT willing to relocate, you’re not in a position to take advantage of nearly as much.

You are, in essence, limiting yourself.

There are already enough forces in the world trying to limit you and your career. You certainly don’t want to help those forces by limiting yourself.

So what’s the #1 factor stopping people who do not wish to relocate for a premium employment opportunity? More than likely, it’s fear. More specifically, it’s fear of the unknown.

Actually, it’s two things. First, it’s a desire to avoid the uncomfortable and annoying situations that often accompany the moving process. And second, it’s a fear of the unknown. Those two things are bad enough on their own, but put them together . . . and they act as a powerful deterrent.

But here’s the reality of the situation. When you’re unwilling to relocate, for whatever the reason, you’re not making your career a priority. And when you don’t make your career a priority, then how can you expect it to grow the way that you want it to?

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