We recently addressed the top work habits of valuable employees, those habits that employers seek out and the ones they want to see in job seekers and candidates. Those five work habits are as follows:

  1. Patience
  2. Active listening
  3. Emotional intelligence
  4. Prioritization
  5. Balance

Just as there are work habits of employees who are considered valuable, there are also work habits of employees who are NOT considered valuable. Hopefully, you do not exhibit any of these habits, as they could lead to the unexpected end of your current employment.

On that ominous note, below are the work habits of non-valuable employees:

#1—Being dramatic

Another phrase to describe such an employee is “drama queen.” You don’t want to be known as a “drama queen” or somebody who constantly turns what should be ordinary situations into a knock-down, drag-out distraction. Being dramatic is a drain on productivity, not only for you, but also for the entire team. Management does not look kindly on anything that affects productivity or the company culture in a negative way.

#2—Playing the victim

Companies and organizations want to hire people who are accountable and take responsibility for their actions (or their inactions). Those employees who “play the victim” do not do that. Instead, they blame others for what happens to them and their shortcomings. There’s a huge difference between somebody who is actually a victim and somebody is only “playing the victim.”


Employees who only want to do things their way don’t get very far. Being flexible is a necessity in today’s workplace. Those who do not exhibit this flexibility don’t solve problems that already exist. They typically create a problem where one did not already exist.


This has no place in the workplace. Unfortunately, though, people still do things for petty reasons. Companies don’t want to hire people who hold grudges or place a greater emphasis on their personal vendetta than their job or what they’re actually being paid to do.

#5—Inability to manage emotions

This encompasses a wide range of things, including the inability to keep one’s temper. Nobody likes it when a person “flies off the handle” at a moment’s notice. And of course, if a person can’t manage their own emotions, then they certainly can’t manage the emotions of other people. If you can’t control your emotions, then you probably can’t focus properly, further diminishing your overall productivity and value.

How many of these work habits do you possess? How many are areas of concern? These are the work habits of non-valuable employees and are to be avoided!

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