In our previous blog post, we discussed the proper way to respond when a recruiter reaches out to you about an employment opportunity. To recap, there are two important aspects of this opportunity that you should keep in mind.

  1. It’s an opportunity that you probably know nothing about.
  2. It’s an opportunity that is more than likely better than the job you have right now.

Despite these two aspects and despite the fact that you would listen to what the recruiter has to say, the chance still exists that you would not be interested in pursuing the opportunity they presented to you. So what should you do if that’s the case? Simply thank them for their time and hang up?

The answer to that question is “No.”

There are two important things that you should do before you hang up with the recruiter and end your conversation. Consider both of these things to be an investment in your future. That’s because your efforts in these two areas could bear fruit in terms of future employment opportunities and career growth.

#1—Give the recruiter the names of people who might be interested in the position.

This might seem a bit counter-intuitive, but just because you’re not interested in the position doesn’t mean somebody else wouldn’t be, either. Chances are good that you know other people in your chosen field who would potentially be a good fit for the position. Pass the names of those people along to the recruiter, as well as their contact information, if you have it.

The recruiter will remember that you helped them, even though you’re not interested in the position, and they’ll be more likely to help you in the future. You “scratch their back,” and they might eventually “scratch your back.”

#2—Tell the recruiter about the type of opportunity in which you would be interested.

As long as you have the recruiter on the phone, you might as well tell them about your dream job. If that opportunity did not pique your interest, then what opportunity would turn your head? The upside to doing this is that the recruiter will store the information away. Then, when the opportunity that you just described comes across their desk, you will be the first person they call. They’ll say, “Remember that dream job you wanted? Well, I have if for you.”

Who wouldn’t want somebody to call them with their dream job, all ready to go? That’s why this type of discourse is an investment in your future. You’re planting seeds now that might yield a bounty harvest later.

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